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Type T
Type “T” designed to adopt in new context of the modernization society that absorb in the natural city with widely space of land up to 560 sq meter and total building size 200 sq meter.
House Description
Type “T” is designed to adopt in new context of a modern society that absorbs in the natural environment. This money saving space is the only one of its kind in Cambodia for an opportunity to share a new life time experience and create an opportunity for building network with large co-working space. This 2-story modern house is built in a large land area of 560 sq. m. The floor plan of 200 sq. m. encompasses 13 bedrooms, 6 luxurious bathrooms, a kitchen and a spacious common area. Just spend $183,800 with high return of investment up to 9% per year ($16,740 per year). After 10 years of lease, you can sell this house with capital gain or can continue the lease. This can be a great place as a retirement house.
Artist Impression
Floor Plan
Site Plan
House Amenities
• 13 bed rooms
• 6 Bathroom
• 2 stories building
• With Co-space and kitchen