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Type V
Type V is a luxurious private home surrounded by green nature and a breath fresh air in all season with size of each 45 sq meter with front and back yard as the co-ownership building.
House Description
This luxurious private holiday home is surrounded by pure nature, clean air, and a beautiful view. Each unit is 45 sq. m. with dining area, kitchen area and space to relax with a backyard. The furniture’s are provided and is designed with high quality for the modern lifestyle. Away from a stressful lifeThis house can be leased and rented out in vKirirom (for 2-10 years) in which case assures the rental profit of $3,600 per year plus other incentives. After 10 years of leasing, the house can be sold with capital gain or can continue leasing. Great opportunity for families with students attending the Kirirom Institute of Technology(KIT) which is a top international university in Cambodia located at walkable distance. Can also be a perfect retirement home surrounded by nature.
Artist Impression
Floor Plan
Ground floor plan
Site Plan
House Amenities
• 1 Bedroom
• 1 Dinning Area
• 1 Kitchen
• 1 Bathroom